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Serengeti National Park

Africa’s most famous park is the Serengeti. The Serengeti, known for its tremendous predator concentrations and the Great Migration of two million wildebeest, ensures an unforgettable safari. The unending grassy plains (Serengeti in Maasai) are the continent’s best grazing areas, and thus home to the world’s largest herds and highest concentrations of predators.
It would be a tremendous injustice to the Serengeti to focus simply on the Great Migration. Even if the Great Migration is excluded, the Serengeti can be claimed to be Africa’s best park.

What more could you want for than vast herds of grazers, massive prides of lions, breathtaking expanses of unbroken views, wildebeest river crossings, outstanding leopard sightings, good cheetah concentrations, and some of Africa’s top camps?

The Serengeti is one of those really unusual places that manages to exceed expectations and take your breath away despite its illustrious reputation. This larger territory, which is surrounded by unique tribes such as the Masai and Hadzabe, is also fascinating from a cultural standpoint. In a nutshell, the Serengeti is the world’s most famous game reserve and the mother of all safari parks. There is nothing like it anywhere else. Absolutely fantastic!

The Great Wildebeest Migration of the Serengeti

The Serengeti and its adjacent parks comprise almost 30,000 square kilometers and were originally designed to preserve the Great Migration’s path. Throughout the year, massive herds of wildebeest and zebra travel clockwise over the enormous plains in search of new grazing sites. Check out our Great Migration page for more information on the herds’ movements. It’s critical to book the right lodging for the time of year you’ll be visiting to increase your chances of seeing the herds. Witnessing the Serengeti migration is truly one of the highlights of your Tanzania safari.

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