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Pemba Island Tanzania


Pemba Island is one of the islands in the Zanzibar Archipelago, a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. It’s known for its lush, green hills and clove plantations. With a land area of 988 square kilometers of forested and fertile land, it is situated about 50km to the north of Unguja, the largest island of the archipelago.

Chake Chake is Pemba’s largest town and administrative center, the town is a site on a ridge with several views of the island and surrounding ocean. There are two rain seasons, with most rainfall coming between April and May and smaller rain seasons coming between November and December. Shortly drier months are January- February and a longer drier season between June and October.

Pemba Island is famous for its lush tropical forest, pristine white Sand Beaches, Historical tours, Spice plantation visits, and much more.

How to go

Pemba Island can be reached by airways or waterways.

  • Waterways:  You can get there by Speed Boats from Dar es Salaam which leaves only twice a week, Or from Tanga.
  • Airways: You can Schedule flights from Dar es Salaam Airport, Kilimanjaro Airport, Mwanza, Mbeya, or Mtwara.

What to do

Explore the beautiful beaches,  visit the spice plantation on the island,  Visit the centuries-old Arabic architecture and Sailing.

When to go

All-time around the year


The information we have offered you is to let you know what you can do on Pemba Island. The arrangement can be done depending on your choice of program chosen and the number of days intended to stay!

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